Process and Product Quality Consulting

Acquisition Supplement for CMMI-DEV

If you want to learn how to ensure the effective acquisition of products and services, this course is for you. This one-day course introduces you to the CMMI for Acquisition (CMMI-ACQ) model, which is a comprehensive set of guidelines that help organizations to establish and improve processes for managing a supply chain by those who acquire, procure, or otherwise select and purchase products and services for business purposes. The course provides the knowledge you need to begin using CMMI-ACQ in your organization.

CMMI-ACQ focuses on acquirer processes and contains best practices that address activities for initiating and managing the acquisition of products and services that meet the needs of the customer. Types of acquisitions that benefit from using CMMI-ACQ include government acquisition, supply chain management, procurement, and outsourcing.

The course is composed of lectures and class exercises with ample opportunity for student questions and discussions. After attending the course, students will be able to describe the CMMI-ACQ model, discuss the model's process areas, and locate relevant information in the model.

This course when combined with its prerequisite, fulfills the prerequisite for any course or role requiring an official CMMI for Acquisition course, including being an appraisal team member on a CMMI-ACQ SCAMPI appraisal.


The Acquisition Supplement for CMMI for Development requires that learners have already completed an Introduction to CMMI for Development course, and is usually offered in concert with the three day Introduction to CMMI for Development course.

No other preparation is required for the course.

Target Audience

  • Product and service acquirers and process implementers
  • Process improvement practitioners and champions
  • Appraisal team members
  • Instructors and lead appraisers
  • Professionals interested in acquisition concepts


This course enables participants to:

  • Describe the CMMI-ACQ model
  • Discuss the model’s process areas
  • Locate relevant information in the model


  • Introduction
  • CMMI-ACQ Overview
  • Acquisition Category Process Areas and Unique Specific Practices
  • Planning Your Next Steps

Included with this Workshop

Participants will receive the CMMI-ACQ text book and a notebook containing the course slides and exercises. Students who successfully complete the class will also receive an official certificate of completion.