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Appraisal Services

Appraisal Services

PPQC provides a full suite of appraisal services tailored to fit your specific needs to help you understand and identify key improvement areas. Our highly skilled SEI-certified Lead Appraisers leverage experience from conducting a broad range of appraisal offerings.

  • Gap Analyses
  • Baseline assessments and appraisals
  • Interim appraisals
  • SCAMPI C Appraisals - a high-level review, giving you an evaluation of your approach to process improvement
  • SCAMPI B Appraisals - an evaluation of the deployment of your processes and a practice-by-practice analysis of your organization
  • SCAMPI A Appraisals - a formal benchmark rating (Maturity Level or Capability Level) and an indication of the level of institutionalization of your processes

See a list of recently reported SCAMPI A appraisals.